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Music by Ruby Fulton and George Lam
Libretto by John Clum

Laine Rettmer, director


Coping Mechanisms

Music by Bonnie Lander

Cynthia Stokes, director


Adam's Run

Music by Ruby Fulton
Libretto by Baynard Woods
Film by Rachel Dwiggins


Heartbreak Express

Music by George Lam
Libretto by John Clum

Ashley Tata, director


I Promise To Be Good

Music by Matthew Triplett

Manifesto On The Ledge

Music by Anna Meadors
Libretto by John Paul Carillo

Machele Dill, director and designer


Cantata For A Loop Trail

Music by Erik Spangler

Victoria Crutchfield, director


Damsacus Mix

Music by Erik Spangler

Red Giant

Music by Adam Matlock
Libretto by Brian Slattery

Britt Olsen-Ecker, director


Criminal Element

Music and Libretto by David Smooke

Valeska Popluoh and David Smooke, co-directors