Adam's Run

Music by Ruby Fulton
Libretto by Baynard Woods
Film by Rachel Dwiggins


Heartbreak Express

Music by George Lam
Libretto by John Clum

Ashley Tata, director


I Promise To Be Good

Music by Matthew Triplett

Manifesto On The Ledge

Music by Anna Meadors
Libretto by John Paul Carillo

Machele Dill, director and designer


Cantata For A Loop Trail

Music by Erik Spangler

Victoria Crutchfield, director


Damsacus Mix

Music by Erik Spangler

Red Giant

Music by Adam Matlock
Libretto by Brian Slattery

Britt Olsen-Ecker, director


Criminal Element

Music and Libretto by David Smooke

Valeska Popluoh and David Smooke, co-directors