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RWO Adams Run Benefit feat. Elisabeth Halliday, Barnyard Sharks, The Creepers

February 10, 2016, 8:00pm

The Windup Space

Rhymes With Opera is launching into exciting new terrirtory this spring, producing an opera movie called Adams Run. Come support our venture by heading to the Windup Space where you can hear an excerpt from the score sung by RWO's own Elisabeth Halliday, accompanied by the freshly recorded RWO Orchestra. Be regaled by your favorite weirdo band Barnyard Sharks. Fall in love or make out with somebody while listening to The Creepers. Pick up some Adams Run swag. Enter a drawing to win free tickets to a screening. Maybe you'll even catch a glimpse of Russell's new fur coat. Most importantly, you'll be supporting RWO's most ambitious endeavor to date! Elisabeth Halliday-Quan, soprano Barnyard Sharks The Creepers Adams Run is a dark comedy set amidst wild weather in a dystopic future world. Two television show hosts vie for the most viewed program in America. Despite their idealogical differences, existential weather woman Julie Shore and environmentalist evangelist the Reverend Billy Noble fall in love. Television producer Dana Daring tells their story from a news perspective as a series of flashbacks. With multiple screens telling stories within stories, post-Minimalist sounds of wild weather, the voices of eccentric characters, and strains of forbidden love, this video opera explores very real problems of climate change, screen obsession, and overblown media in unexpected ways. Our Baltimore-based production team includes luminaries such as Rachel Dwiggins, Maura Dwyer, Adam Endres and Connor M. Kizer. With music by Ruby Fulton, words by Baynard Woods, and starring Elisabeth Halliday, Bonnie Lander and Robert Maril, with the RWO Orchestra and intrepid musical cameos by Ali How R. U. Clendaniel, Aaron Henkin, Dan Pavlik, and Michael Shank. Graphic design by Peter Quinn and Beth Harper. Audio recording at Mobtown Studios. $5 - $10 sliding scale All proceeds will go to the RWO Indiegogo fundraiser:

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Five consummate pros start to finally get serious. ...

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NEW PERK! A $30 donation get you an ADAMS RUN mug: "The Existentialist Weather Woman," or "Reverend Billy Nobel's Biological Arc!" Designs by the fantastic Peter Quinn ...

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