Sean Ormiston

Sean Ormiston, a Manhattan native, graduated from Brooklyn College with a Performance degree in Double Bass.  He has extensive performance experience in NYC with an emphasis on new music, most notably with the CUNY Graduate Center Contemporary Ensemble, and in Brazil, as double bassist for the Music in Hospitals chamber orchestra and Orchestra Sinfonica Heliopolis, a scholarship orchestra for professional symphonic orchestra training, based on El Sistema education principles.  

  Mr. Ormiston's experience abroad showed him the importance that the musical arts hold across a wide range of communities, individuals and cultural stakeholders.  Since his return to NYC, he has dedicated his energy to the study and advocacy of non-profit arts organizations, in which he hopes to serve as a steward and a facilitator for the continued health and vitality of the arts. He was Marketing and Outreach Intern at Orpheus Chamber Orchestra for Spring and Summer 2017, and is currently pursuing certification in Arts Management through the University of Massachusettes at Amherst.